Paul Baker Relationship Counselling Services Brisbane
I am passionate about helping relationships grow, mature and become dynamic. I practice  individual and marriage coaching and relationship counselling in Brisbane face to face. FaceTime and similar avenues of counselling are available upon request. I have a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)
, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling,
 a Certificate in Dispute Resolution and Counselling Supervisor.

I specialise in individual, couples counselling, relationship counselling & coaching. I maintain a high level of confidentiality, support and guidance to clients experiencing a broad range of personal issues including relationship issues, anger management and conflict. I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia.

What You Can Expect At Paul Baker Relationship Counselling Brisbane

In relationship counselling for individuals, I am mindful of creating a safe, respectful and accepting environment where you can feel confident to speak freely about your concerns. I will help you make sense of your issues or problems, gain new insights and reach your own decisions about a way forward. A number of different therapy modalities can be employed in order to help you make a meaningful progress.

I also specialise in couples coaching and relationship coaching. Couples coaching is a supporting and powerful way for couples to resolve issues, achieve more clarity, improve communication, develop intimacy, and build and grow their relationship. My approach supports both parties in the relationship and aims to address negative cycles and patterns that regularly lead to arguments, feelings of not being heard, disconnection, dissatisfaction or disempowerment. All couples work is based on research that was done over 40 years and has proven to be most effective in changing dysfunctional relationship dynamics and restoring marriages and relationships.

I have a proven ability to empathise with individuals and couples whilst retaining an objective and realistic approach to your treatment and therapy.

As with all counselling and coaching sessions, your needs for privacy and confidentiality are respected. You can book a counselling session with me during the day and evenings, from Monday to Saturday.

Confidentiality is key in Relationship Counselling

At PBR Coaching Brisbane, all information you provide is confidential except in the case of a court order (subpoena), disclosure of a serious criminal offence or a life-threatening situation (suicidal or homicidal intent) when we are obliged by law to report to the appropriate authorities.