What you can learn from addiction counselling for drug and alcohol?

The first step to any recovery from drug or alcohol dependency is to first admit you have a problem. Even accepting that there could be a problem is a good start. To determine if you might need addiction counselling, consider these questions. If you answer yes to any of them then perhaps you might consider some drug and alcohol or addiction counselling.

Are you constantly finding yourself neglecting responsibilities at school, work, home or parenting? Do you take undue risks such as driving under the influence, taking drugs at the office or having unprotected sex with relative strangers ? Does your life revolve around your substance use, and you are unable to stop thinking about it? If this is true of you then unless you get treatment for your behaviour it is highly likely to increase over time. And it always drug and alcohol and addiction counselling becomes more severe and increasingly more difficult to break.

Addiction Counselling – Where To Start?

The best plan of action now is to engage in conversation with a counsellor as it has been shown that trying to break any substance abuse behaviour is almost impossible to do alone. In fact the chances of any relapse are high without the proper counselling support.

With drug and alcohol counselling you can learn to take care of yourself better, identify the triggers that cause you to drink or do drugs, deal with stress in healthy ways, live with purpose and develop healthy support networks. Coming to see someone for addiction counselling has been shown to reduce the substance cravings, increase resilience and improve self esteem.

So if you have an addiction, or even suspect you do, then call Paul on 0432 071 005 for a 15 minute no obligation chat to talk about your concerns.