Depression. Feeling down and not sure where to turn for relief

PBR Depression counselling services Brisbane

Depression counselling for men can help.

Depression and anxiety are real dampeners for anybody. And did you know that they affect men and women differently. If you are experiencing either, or both of these then you know that they can take over your whole life. They have a habit of creeping in and leaving you feeling flat, de-energised and uninterested in things that used to make you happy.

Perhaps you have been told by those closest to you that they’re worried about you, and they’re seeing a different version of you. Maybe you are seeing signs yourself but you can’t make them out, and if you have never been in this uncomfortable space before then it can be quite concerning for you. If these things are happening to you then perhaps it’s depression that’s taking hold of you.

As a man you will be affected by depression in a different way so looking for telltale signs in a woman who has depression won’t help. If you are experiencing anything like feeling irritable or agitated a lot of the time, or you have trouble staying focused and loss concentration then you could be in the download spiral of depression.

Some other things to look out for are:

  • Eating and sleeping poorly
  • Lack of energy or interest
  • Second guessing yourself about asking for help
  • Avoiding others and wanting to be alone
  • An overwhelming sense of sadness

The stigma of depression and anxiety and the fear that others will find out prevents a lot of men from seeking help. These are the biggest barriers to men seeking therapy for their depression. Like most Australian men you have probably been told that you need to “be strong” or “masculine,” and “suck it up,”. All of these hinder you from getting help because you perceive them as being ‘weak’.

In reality, it takes a lot of courage and strength for men to admit they’re having a problem, and to seek out counselling help for it. For most men taking antidepressants is a cop-out and more often than not they refuse to do so and unfortunately they throw counselling and therapy into the same basket.

While women will ask themselves why they are feeling depressed, men will often attempt to run from it or get busy and preoccupy themselves with meaningless stuff. If you find yourself doing this then you need to get some help. Anger is a good indicator of depression and so are feelings of shame. If you can relate to this and you want to avoid ‘walling off’ everyone then it’s time to act. Men can keep themselves in this place of ‘walling off’ others for years, through denial or resigning themselves to their unsatisfying place in life.

When this happens a cycle begins and what was once situational depression becomes entrenched.

For example, when experiencing a troubled marriage men come become depressed and as a result become the ‘problem’ of the marriage. When this happens men focus on themselves and crawl deeper into the depression hole. Sounds depressing eh! When the ‘healthy’ partner blames the man for the problems the cycle is continued and blame and avoidance become the norm.

The Benefits of seeking counselling for depression:

Imagine what it will feel like when you’re no longer weighed down by the cloud of depression. Your relationships will be better, your work life will be better, and social situations will feel better. You’ll feel more engaged with your life and more optimistic about your future.

As a Brisbane therapist who works with men, I understand male depression, and want you to know you’re not alone. I provide counselling to men just like you every day with these same depressive symptoms. I have knowledge of the kinds of pain caused by depression. I see how it affects not just the guys I work with, but their whole families, their work and their self-esteem. The toughest and hardest hurdle for a depressed man is admitting there is a problem. I encourage you to jump that hurdle now and call to make an appointment. The health and well-being of you and those you love is in the balance.