Individual counselling

For most individuals seeking help to work through some personal issues and making contact with a trained counsellor is the first step in creating a therapeutic relationship. Seeing someone for individual counselling for the first time can feel a little uncomfortable for some but every effort is made to provide a comfortable, pleasant and non-threatening environment.

The counselling space offers you the chance to really unpack some issues that you have been struggling with and allows you to carefully and safely examine them. With individual counselling you get to work through your problems at your pace while at the same time gaining valuable insight into the reasons why you act as you do.

Getting help from a professional individual counsellor can help you make significant changes to your life and the lives of those around you. And because the individual counselling is specific to you as a unique person, the goals and outcomes are tailored to meet your needs. Individual counselling can help you become more self-aware, gain more emotional awareness and give you the ability to identify and express feelings in a safe assertive manor.

A number of different approaches can be made when counselling on an individual level. And all these approaches can be tailored to your situation