Men’s Counselling Services Brisbane

Welcome to my Men’s Counselling services based in Brisbane. It’s good to have you here today. If you find yourself here today perhaps it because you’ve tried to fix your problems on your own, but just can’t. Yet even now, you’re still finding yourself struggling and need some help and therefore decided to see out the services of a men’s counsellor.

It’s possible you’re having problems in your marriage or intimate relationship, or in your workplace with the demands of the job or even colleagues. Maybe you just generally feel down, unhappy or stressed out. Perhaps low-self-esteem or lack of confidence issues have pulled you down, or you’re trapped in unhealthy behaviours that are harming you.

As a man, it’s sometimes tough to seek out your friends or family for their unbiased support, and books or web research only seem to go so far in helping you.

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of seeking professional help from a men’s counselling service, but you haven’t done anything about it until now.

Well! Congratulations on making it this far. 

You have now taken the first step towards improving your life.

My men’s counselling services are very different from other services:

As a professional counsellor, I specialise in working with the unique issues and needs of men. I started my Men’s Counselling
service to provide counselling services especially to support men in their attempts to work through some of life’s tough issues. I am motivated to help men create the kinds of lives that they really want for themselves and for their families.

As a fellow guy, I’ve shared a lot of the difficult experiences that you have.

I know how tough it is to open up and talk about personal matters with others – including wives, friends, and family. I understand the pressure you are under as you “struggle in silence,” how you become closed off to others, including the women in your life, and you also recognise that you do not have the skills or resources needed to support yourself.

Please be assured that you’re not alone in what you’re dealing with.

In our Aussie culture, after all these years, there are still expectations for men not to be weak, to hide emotions or be “warriors” and to be invulnerable. It’s also a premium to have connective, authentic experiences with others, because we’re constantly hiding behind our “games” and personality armour.

Counselling can help you overcome the less than ideal negative cultural expectations of what it means to be a man and help build meaningful, connecting experiences that you really want to create.

Society is changing, social norms are changing but it seems the expectations for men are staying the same. As a man you need to Counselling for menlearn critical skills like emotional intelligence, communication skills, stress management and relationship building. That’s where my men’s counselling can help.

Together we create a space where you can feel comfortable getting real and opening up. I provide the right support and feedback that you’re looking for, without handing you the answers. As a skilled counsellor, I’ll challenge you, while encouraging you at the same time.

We’ll work together to forge the solutions you need for life and relationship success, and get you back to feeling empowered, happy and above all, positive about your life again.

Sceptical About Seeing A Men’s Counselling Expert?

If you’re like a lot of Aussie guys, you’ve probably have never really entertained the idea of seeing a counsellor, or maybe you have negative thoughts about it. The counselling we do is different. This is for you, and for your own growth – not something someone is making you do. My kind of counselling is designed just for you as a man.

I work with a range of men’s issues, and would like to help you with your unique situation, too.

Here is just a sample of some issues men face where men counselling services can help:

  • Improve low self-esteem, lack of confidence and feel more secure
  • Develop better communication skills and have better relationships as a result
  • Increase your awareness about your emotions, and apply them for better mental health
  • Create more self-affirming behaviours, and stop self-sabotaging behaviors that undermine your own efforts.
  • Calm your mind, and think more positive thoughts (Hush your self-critic – that negative voice in your head doubting you in your every move)
  • Resolve feelings of toxic shame that holds you back

You’re here because you’re seeking relief for your pain. You want solutions to your problems, and want to feel happier and less preoccupied with your struggles.

If you are here because you want a guy, a male counsellor, that understands what you’re dealing with, and can meet you where you’re at, then book your first appointment now.


If after reading this you are still unsure if counselling is right for you then give me a call on 0432 071 005 for a free 15 minute no obligation chat.