Learn The Secrets to healthier stronger relationships with Paul Baker Relationship Counselling Brisbane

There is no doubt that relationship issues are as varied as the relationships you know and see in society.

Having said that, the remedies for those issues can often appear quite simple and straight- forward, they are just not easy. In other words they require work. And that work always requires effort!Dollarphotoclub_86790084-1920x1012
Relationship counselling can and does do many things, and help many people, but often it runs the risk of getting bogged down in details and the ‘He said, She said’ syndrome. The counselling environment can help a couple get a different perspective of the relationship. It can help them see the other person’s point of view. But knowing and appreciating your partner’s point is one thing. Doing something constructive about it is quite another. When you engage in couples counselling it is like clearing the site for construction. Coaching is like laying the foundation, and building the structure, the home so to speak. The better the materials, the knowledge and skills you have to build with, the better the end result.
Knowing how to navigate the tricky waters of relationship disputes requires skill, knowledge and understanding. However, research shows that there is one other major aspect that is required for a successful outcome and that is a plan to work towards. And as you can appreciate, nobody builds a home without a proper plan in place.

“For any marriage or relationship to not only survive but thrive it needs to have a plan.”

In any good plan there are a number of steps and procedures that must be followed in order to have a successful outcome.
That’s why I have adopted a coaching approach to marriages and committed relationships.
After all, creating a great relationship cannot be left to chance.
I am passionate about doing my part to steam the tide of divorce in this country. I am motivated  to see people recreate a fantastic home and family relationship life. If you are committed to making the necessary changes to your relationship then I am committed to helping you do it.
So whatever the issue might be, from arguments about money to the family budget, from infidelity to a lack of communication, from intimacy issues to unmet expectations, there is a proven way to overcome these obstacles. Whether you are on the brink of separation and divorce or just needing to re-fresh and re-energise your relationship we are here to help you.

Our approach to relationships

The relationship coaching approach at PBR coaching is based on years of solid research carried out in the field of marriage and relationships by the John Gottman Institute. John Gottman’s research spans over 35 years of relationship studies and has helped shaped the relationship counselling and coaching world ever since.

While it is true that psychology can only predict approximately 10% of human behaviour with any accuracy, the inverse is true of relationships. Gottman and associates found that they could predict with high probability (89% thereabouts) if a marriage was going to succeed or fail.
Simply by observing couples in a variety of settings, including arguments and having fun they could tell accurately if the couple was headed to the divorce court or remaining married. We have taken this research and applied it to the coaching environment with fantastic results.

What is different about coaching?

A coaching approach not only focuses on understanding and resolving couples conflicts, but also extends into the aspects of everyday interactions and communications and their challenges. It aims to build a couple’s friendship and love by focusing on emotions, building skills to manage conflict, developing new skills to build friendship and helping the couple to build a system of shared meaning together.
The key building blocks of this effective approach include:

  • Managing patterns of interaction with aim to make them more functional and constructive
  • Repairing trust, intimacy and friendship
  • Building shared meanings
  • Understanding attitudes, experiences and perceptions that each partner brings into shared relationships
  • Building skills and tools for managing conflict and building friendships

Why coaching is appealing

Coaching has a broad appeal with many people being able to relate to the environment of  training and learning. Most recognise that coaching plays a big part in the success of any pursuit.  So coaching works. Furthermore, men in particular, find coaching less intimidating, less threatening and are therefore more likely to engage in the process.

Get started on a new path with Relationship Coaching

The key benefits of Couples Coaching:

  • It increases your knowledge about yourself and your partner
  • It helps you understand and describe how you interact
  • It teaches you how to break ineffective patterns and develop better ones
  • It gives you both the confidence and insight into making your relationship work

Make a Start at Paul Baker Relationship Counselling Brisbane

If your partner is reluctant to start couples coaching or relationship counselling you can start alone and then let them know what you’re doing. This will demonstrate that you value the relationship, want to learn new skills and wish to gain clarity by focusing on the issues that matter to you. Your partner can join the process at any stage they feel comfortable doing so.