Like a lot of people you may be facing some pressing issues in your personal life or relationship at the moment. But unlike a lot or people you may be a Christian looking for a counsellor who understands not only your issues but also the faith values surrounding them. Sharing your story with a complete stranger for the first time can be challenging. Sharing with a non-believer can be more so.

In an increasingly secular society finding someone who identifies with, and can work within your framework of faith, is often as important as the issues you are facing.

As someone who shares your frame of reference I am well aware of the challenges facing you and I can readily identify with your predicament. I have been counselling individuals and couples long enough to understand their situations; knowledgeable enough to identify the main issues quickly and experienced enough to work within each person’s frame of reference.

If you are looking for a counsellor who will be sympathetic to your faith and yet able to help you in your personal life and relationships using the appropriate therapy tools available then I invite you to contact me to arrange a time to meet.

As part of my services I offer a free no-obligation 15-minute phone conversation to see if we can and should work together. This offer is only available by filling out the form below.

Take this opportunity now.