Hi, I’m Paul and I provide women’s counselling services to those who are struggling in their relationships with their male companions.

women's counsellingAre there moments when you feel confused and insecure about your marriage, or about your partner? It’s no longer a surprise to me that in women’s counselling, I hear them say that they wish their man would open up and communicate more.

If your husband or partner is like a lot of men that I see in my Brisbane north side counselling office, he probably tries to fix problems instead of just listening and validating your feelings.

As an experienced relationship counsellor working with men, I have discovered that it is really difficult for men to admit that there is a problem going on in their marriages, let alone seek out a men’s counsellor or a couple’s counsellor to get help.

Many men don’t think, let alone recognise, that there’s a problem to fix. Sadly if they do suspect a problem exists they often reason that it can be fixed within the relationship and without professional help.

Often times, these caring wives and girlfriends, like you, know there is an immediate problem, but find it almost impossible to convince their partner to seek counselling for themselves, or entertain the thought of couples or relationship counselling. This can be frustrating for a lot of women who fear that without counselling, the marriage or relationship will ultimately deteriorate and eventually end.

So your husband doesn’t want counselling. Why don’t you come in instead?

Working exclusively with men until recently has meant that I valuable insight and knowledge about how men work in marriage and relationships, and it is my desire goal to empower you to get the relationship that you want. Because you deserve it!

Together, we can help you work on how to get your own needs met and decide what you want from your relationship with your partner. While we can’t directly change your partner, we can work towards helping you develop more trust, intimacy and connection with him. We can also work on helping you feel better about yourself and your life.

Here are just a few ways in which Women’s Counselling Can Help your relationship with your men

  • Connect more deeply on an emotional and physical level with your husband or partner
  • Communicate more effectively together without descending into destructive conflict
  • Discover the best ways to get through to him or help him open up more
  • Feel like you’re members of the same team, not working independently or against each other
  • Feel loved and cared for in the relationship. Develop a stronger voice with your mate, or in your life
  • Establish better balance at home together, with home responsibilities and parenting
  • Confront your man’s bad behaviors, whether it’s excessive alcohol use, flirting with other women, lying to you, restless behaviour and other problematic issues

While we will do what we can to help improve your relationship, sometimes, a relationship or marriage doesn’t work out, no matter how much energy and willingness you have to put in. This can be disappointing and painful, but counselling can help with these feelings, and also help you get on with your life. Moreover, counselling helps you talk through other issues you might have in your life, such as those listed below.

How Individual Counselling Can Help Women in Their Own Lives:

  • Heal from the grief and pain due to the end of a marriage or relationship in the least harmful way possible.
  • Discover what your deepest needs are, and find ways to ensure they get them met
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Find more balance between home, career and family life
  • Focus on what you can change— you– and let go of trying to change the men you are involved with.
  • Lesson or resolve anxiety and depression issues
  • Manage and express angry effectively