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PBR Coaching now has 2 Clinics, please select the clinic you wish to attend below before booking.
Please note there are more days available at our NEW Grange Practice.
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The Grange Practice

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Address:  The Grange Practice Level 1, Suite 2, 3 Days Road Grange, Qld 4051

Gordon Park Clinic

Open: Wednesdays & Saturdays
Address: 8 Hurst Street, Gordon Park, Qld 4031

Get effective relationship counselling from the safety and privacy of your own home with video counselling.

Despite recent requirements for social distancing, our clients don’t have to pause their therapy. They can now transition into therapy sessions by video conference!
Benefits of video counselling:

  • It allows the opportunity to continue important couples or individual counselling work without experiencing any unnecessary breaks or delays.
  • Offers an effective and safe alternative to the question of maintaining social distancing in the face of the growing pandemic of the COVID-19.
  • It offers convenience; saves time; and is as easy as sitting in a comfortable chair at home.
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Brisbane Counselling and Relationship
Coaching Services

Men’s Counselling

There is no need for men to go it alone. Being able to unpack your feelings and experiences can help you build more meaningful experiences and connections.

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Women’s Counselling

I am committed to providing a service which supports the psychological and emotional well-being of women in and out of their relationships.

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Relationship Coaching

The relationship coaching approach at PBR coaching is based on years of solid research carried out in the field of marriage and relationships by the John Gottman Institute.

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Depression & Anxiety

If you’ve been feeling a bit numb or disconnected, and a low mood has clouded your sense of self, purpose and joy in life, it’s important to find a different way forward.
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Addiction Counselling

We all want to lead happy, productive and prosocial lives, effectively managing alcohol and drug use is key to achieving that goal.

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Anger Management

Anger management counselling can help you take control of your anger, and live a fulfilling, balanced life.

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Take The Next Step To Change Your Life


Welcome to PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching

At PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching, we work with men and women who are motivated to make real changes in their lives and to achieve real results from therapy. If you are experiencing relationship challenges or your marriage is struggling, PBR individual counselling or couples coaching services in Brisbane can help get your relationship or marriage back on the right track.

Through individual counselling, we will work with you to help you find ways to improve your relationship with your partner or to get your life back on track after a breakdown of a relationship or marriage.

Through couples counselling, we will work with you and your partner to figure out what’s not working in your marriage or relationship and to develop the solutions you need to preserve your relationship or make it more fulfilling. Together through therapy, I can help you both develop the right tools to reduce conflict, open up to each other and get back to being happy again together.

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Free Relationship Guides By Gottman

Choose among our most effective guides for helping couples improve or strengthen their relationship.

Small Things Often
Small Things Often

How to build a positive lasting relationship

Download Booklet
 Avoid the Four Horesman For A Better Relationship
Avoid the Four Horesman For A Better Relationship

Learn how to prevent Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt & Stonewalling

Download Booklet
Aftermath Of A Fight Or Relationship Mistake
Aftermath Of A Fight Or Relationship Mistake

How to repair after a fight or regrettable incident Tools for an Effective Repair Conversation

Download Booklet
How To Be A Great Listener
How To Be A Great Listener

Learn the Art of Listening to Create Intimate Conversation, Trust and Love

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Based on Brisbane’s northside, PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching has helped countless individuals and couples through turbulent periods and on to foster techniques that encourage lasting relationship health.

Together through therapy, we can help you develop the right tools to reduce conflict, open up to each other, and get back to being happy again.

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