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What makes a happy marriage?

When you think of what makes a happy marriage what picture comes to mind? It’s no surprise that thoughts like financial security, comfortable lifestyle, physical beauty or good looks, friendships, children, extended family and a thriving social life are among them. When couples find themselves in marriage counselling these are some of the things we hear. In reality, the wellbeing of a couple’s relationship has little to do with material wealth or external circumstances. These things can and do contribute to a happy life, but the real key to happiness in marriage is working together to create a culture of adaptability and gratitude.

Be adaptable to changing circumstances

We could be setting ourselves up for a fall if we rely on external factors for our relationship happiness. But one way of achieving a happy marriage is to develop the ability to be adaptable to your changing circumstances–this is particularly important if those circumstances are either challenging or out of your control. It turns out that those who are most happy in their relationships and marriages have learned to work together to adopt a positive mindset, especially when faced with issues that they can’t influence. The truth is, that we never know what each day will bring. As couples, we are destined to experience good times and bad times together. But if you can’t weather the storms and rise above unfortunate circumstances, you’ll never find the happiness you both desire.

Having an attitude of gratitude equals contentment

Being grateful for your marriage, the circumstances you are in, and life in general means being thankful, which equals cultivating contentment, no matter what’s happening around you. When you work to rid the relationship of negativity your focus naturally goes to the good things that are happening in your life. In the end, positivity will enable you to adapt to life more readily.

 Next week we look at the reasons behind unhappy marriages.