An attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude | Couples counselling BrisbaneSee the first and second posts here. Nothing beats feelings of depression, loneliness and a sense of low self-worth than having an Attitude of Gratitude. Don’t believe me! When was the last time you stopped and just gave thanks for someone or something in your life. You are reading this post so being grateful for sight might be a start. Not to mention all the other things like cognitive reasoning, being able to contemplate what you are reading and so on. We often forget the small miraculous events and everyday happenings that make up our worlds so much so that we can begin to complain about the most useless things to complain about.

Did you know that there is now a branch of psychology dedicated solely to understanding the role of gratitude in our lives? Amazing really. Gratitude has shown to alleviate depression and anxiety. It has proved to enhance and improve relationships and even mend them.

Gratitude make the other course correction tips like apologies and appreciation much, much easier. Try it and see. When we are grateful we project ourselves into the world of others, not withdraw and build walls. Gratitude keeps you grounded in the here and now and you are less likely to want to seek fault in others.

With Gratitude you are more likely to take responsibility, be more resourceful and become more attractive. So why not try a little gratefulness to start your day. Many people write short lists of the things they are grateful for and read them throughout the day. Some people will start their day by being thankful they are alive, have a bed, can smell coffee and have a partner to share live with. Start by being grateful for the things you have, like health, and then start thinking of all the things your partner has and does that you are grateful for. Be generous and tell them, be kind and encourage them to see their need for gratefulness too. Blaming, criticising and other non-productive behaviours only drain the relationship not help. Which one is more attractive to you?

The now departed, full on, God fearing, funny, motivational speaker Zig Ziglar puts it somewhat like this: “There is no prize for finding fault”