There’s got to be a better story

Brisbane counseling - Brisbane counsellingRecently I was down at my local Fitness First busting my gut over some weights when I saw an older gentleman chatting with one of the PT trainers. He is a regular in my jungle (Get it! Jungle gym) so I recognised him. Anyway, he was smiling and talking and although I could only just catch a couple of words I recognised that he was relaying a story from his past.

And this got me thinking. What are the stories you will be telling and sharing when you are at the pointy end of life? Are you going to have any stories? Are you recording events of your life today?

Research has shown that when we share memories that we created together then we build meaning between us. If you can recall a memory of an event that you both shared and you can recall it with fondness then this enhances your relationship.

What are you building into your relationship that is going to stand the test of time? What activities are you doing together and what life events are you celebrating that will bring fond memories back to you when you are past the age of working? When there’s no second chances and where you have no more time to create new memories.

Each year is full of opportunities to create memories: date nights and dancing; movies and music; birthdays and weddings; Christmas and Easter, to name a few. Are you investing into your marriage things that will pay dividends in retirement? Good memories pay dividends and the best thing of all is they are the gift that keeps giving. You may be reading this and thinking that because you are young you don’t need to create good memories. But I beg to differ. What sort of memories do you want to recall when you are older? I would imagine not bad ones, right!

Do you want to remember a string of relationships and remember some of the good times you had in them? Or would you rather share, with just one person, a lot of special memories that you were both involved in when creating them? I think most people would choose the second option because memories are best when they are shared. To guarantee any kind of success in creating great memories for the future you are going to have to work hard. But the good news is we can help you do that.

Before we get into the tools of memory-making I want you to imagine sitting around a table sharing stories of the past. Which would you prefer to share? Not-so-good ones or really fantastic ones? Because remembering memories all depends on how you make them now.

So, are you creating a better story for your relationship? Are you being intentional because that gets results.

Will you be bringing back blindingly good memories at the drop of a hat or are you going to struggle to recall any past events without some pain? It is up to you. Start creating great memories now!

And finally in the immortal words of singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper “You never know when you are making a memory”