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Facing relationship challenges head-on.

If you are like the rest of us you will probably take the “avoid challenges in my life” approach rather than welcome them. After all, what is a challenge in your relationship other than an inconvenience? So, to avoid them follow these instructions: Sit perfectly still on your cough for the remainder of your (now rather sad) life and wait for the end of it. Even then, as you wait you’ll probably run into a few uncomfortable and really unavoidable relationship challenges.

Its normal to want to avoid relationship challenges and it seems that we have a natural tendency to do so. However, try as you may, life is full of those challenges. Although you can’t predict the unseen, you can minimise them by keeping your focus on the change you are trying to make. The tendency for challenges is to slow you down. That seems to be their primary goal. They often feel like they are the reason for your relationship troubles, and when you remain focused on the challenges, you will stay stuck and continually turn back toward the past. If you have a goal for the future, and what you want your relationship to be like then that becomes the focus and momentum takes over.

My advice to you is to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Focus on the possibilities, not the challenges. Challenges win every time when you allow yourself to focus on them. Choose to maintain focus on the big picture. The big dream of your relationship. Persevere and press on!

Take a moment to consider just one behavioural change you can make that would prepare you to meet relationship challenges head-on. What are some relationship challenges you think you might encounter in making that change? In what ways can you prepare yourself to face and deal with these challenges?

Remember that to create a great relationship we need to stand up to the challenges that face us as a couple and meet them together.