It’s no secret! Sharing housework increases intimacy for couples

Sharing housework increases intimacy | Counselling BrisbaneHere is some sound advice. Sharing housework duties increases intimacy. Research has shown that women are often required to do more around the home than their husbands/partners. They are often also expected to work full-time and do the child rearing. If you are honest you can see that this really is not a fair deal. It is no surprise that it is often a topic of discussion in the counselling environment.

If it is your intention to increase the level of intimacy between you and your female partner then here are some reasons why you should be contributing to the housework. Back to the research which says that people report higher and more satisfying levels of intimacy, and this includes sex, when both partners are involved in doing chores, hanging washing, cleaning up and so on.

Are you sharing the housework?

It is not uncommon for women to hear ‘You and me’ equals ‘us’ in most shared things  but when it comes to housework it’s ‘hers’. Men will often can spend hours cleaning their beloved car yet not ten minutes vacuuming the house? There exists a close correlation between the amount of housework you do, or don’t do, and the amount of sexual intimacy you are both experiencing?

According to some researchers those men who participate in housework get better sex, and a better overall relationship, and generally experience better marriages. So not only is cleaning the house good for physical life, it’s also good for your sex life!

It is not often thSharing housework increases intimacy | Counselling Brisbaneat the words ‘respect’ and ‘housework’ are found together. Doing our share of the housework equates to her feeling that she is being respected. She sees your helping out as you respecting and honouring her. So just remember she wants respect just as much as you do. Doing one’s fair share around the house is not only necessary, but ultimately beneficial to your relationship.

So what is your fair share?

It may be changing the sheets, throwing them in the laundry, vacuuming and/or washing the floors. you might even consider hanging the washing. Whatever activity is chosen be sure to do it with a corporative attitude. If you are committed to lean a hand, then start by showing some keenness. For those of you unfamiliar with a good strategy do as follows. The real trick is to get into a rhythm. Throw on some of that favourite music, play it loud, have a strategy in place and GO!

Housework is not hard, its just time consuming. It can also be very therapeutic.

Ask what chores you can do and what you should be responsible for. If you need some explanation just ask her. Asking for some cleaning advice is humbling but she will see it differently. She will love you for it.  What are you in this relationship for in the first place? If I am not mistaken it is to share a life with that special person in your life. I said ‘SHARE’. Sharing is caring. What part of NOT helping around the house is ‘sharing’.

At the end of the day I want to say to you that you owe it to your partner to pull your weight. She deserves your respect and you need to give her it.

My last tip is….

Sharing housework increases intimacy | Counselling brisbane
Good luck!