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What are Intensive Couples Coaching sessions?

Intensive Couples Coaching takes weeks and months of couples therapy and puts them into a purposely structured and conveniently delivered one full-day or two consecutive full-day sessions. Intensives offer the same therapy benefits of hourly sessions but in a condensed format.

Research findings support the Intensive Couples Coaching sessions as an effective relationship intervention with outcomes even more effective and longer lasting than those gained from the traditional hour-long weekly sessions. More importantly, they work for a variety of relationship issues mainly because resolutions can be reached more quickly, and the couples take away many new tools and skills that help them face future challenges sooner and more successfully.

Who are the Intensive Couples Coaching sessions for?

Intensive Couples Coaching sessions are best suited to couples that need fast professional relationship intervention over a short period of time. They may be couples whose relationship or marriage is in crisis, unable to resolve their issues and maybe even considering separation or divorce. They may think that divorce is their only solution as nothing else will work. But they want to attempt to salvage their relationship or marriage and are willing to fight for it. Intensive Couples Coaching aims to break the negative relationship cycles through learning new skills and practising with tried and tested tools.

Intensive Couples Coaching sessions may also be suitable for couples for whom convenience is paramount. They may live far away or in a rural location and intensive sessions may be the solution to avoiding time consuming travel for weekly sessions. They may be able to take a day or two off work or away from their business or family to invest in their relationship in a purposeful and very focused way.

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When to engage in the Intensive Couples Coaching sessions?

Intensive Couples Coaching sessions are aimed to address many relationship issues including the ones outlined below:

  • You are considering a separation or a divorce.

  • You are arguing over what may be considered minor issues and feels stuck.

  • You can’t discuss feelings or needs without getting into a fight that ends with a lack of resolution.

  • You have experienced infidelity, betrayal or a breach of trust by one of the partners and need urgent support.

  • You are experiencing jealousy issues and related arguments.

  • You are experiencing limited or lost shared interests and goals.

  • You are experiencing sexual intimacy blocks.

  • You want to find ways to leave the relationship in a kind and loving way.

If you want to make sure that you are attending to your relationship issues promptly and doing everything you can, and like a lot of people don’t want to leave anything on the table, the Intensive Couples Coaching sessions are for you.

How do Intensive Couples Coaching sessions work?

Intensive Couples Coaching sessions offer fast and sustainable results. They are held in the PBR Coaching Brisbane office. They are scheduled for a full one or two days to give you and your partner or spouse the chance to get to the core of relationship or marriage issues and find lasting and effective ways to recreate a better, more resilient and happier relationship. They allow for a deeper understanding of the issues you both are facing and perhaps you have been experiencing for some time. They also create the opportunity to identify suitable solutions, tools and practices to break the negative cycles and restore your relationship promptly. You will spend focused and dedicated time to work on your relationship in a purposeful and tailored way.

Intensive Couples Coaching sessions mean we can quickly identify and dismantle the biggest obstacles that are keeping one or both of you from feeling heard, and more importantly, understood. Together, we will work on healing the underlying reasons for relational and marital conflict while building skills and strategies you can use on your own to stay connected and overcome any future challenges. This will have the capability and opportunity to transform your relationship as you both transform your mindset and outlook. The Intensives will give you research backed and tested relationship tools and strategies while building your confidence in applying them. All will be conducted in a way that is both safe and constructive.

What is the difference between one and two day
Intensive Couples Coaching sessions?

1 Day Intensive

The one-day Intensive Couples Coaching session involves a concentrated focus on relationship assessment, understanding the issues and their sources, and learning what strategies can be applied to these issues.
The topics we will cover include:

  • Understanding the sources and patterns of your relationship issues.
  • Defining what ideal relationship looks and feels like for both partners.
  • Learning about the tools and strategies to address those issues in a tailored way, suitable for your circumstances.
  • Developing the tools and skills needed for your key specific relationship goals.
  • Creating greater trust, intimacy, authenticity, and connection for lasting effect.

2 Day Intensive

The two-day Intensive Couples Coaching session goes deeper into the key issues keeping you from experiencing a healthy and fulfilling relationship. In day 2 we practice HOW to apply all the tools from the previous day. It also allocates more time for repair and healing and dedicates critical time towards resolving conflicts and applying newly learned tools and skills of addressing key issues and restoring balance and happiness.
In addition to the material covered in one-day session, the two-day session will also include:

  • Deeper dive into the key relationship issues the couple experiences.
  • Rebuilding trust, fondness and admiration for each other.
  • Moving from defensiveness to accountability and shared ownership of your relationship issues and happiness.
  • Breaking free from cycles of poor communication, lack of connection and recurring issues.
  • Reigniting connection, sexual intimacy and trust.

How to book Intensive Couples Coaching sessions?

The Intensive Couples Coaching sessions are available to book on weekdays or weekends. In just a one or two days of Intensive Couples Coaching sessions you will gain awareness, understanding and training to heal, restore and empower your relationships for now and for the future.

To book, please call Paul on 0432 071 005 or email me on to arrange a suitable time for your Intensive Couples Coaching session. I will explain what will be involved and provide you with further details.


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Together through therapy, we can help you develop the right tools to reduce conflict, open up to each other, and get back to being happy again.

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