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Specialising in Counselling Men, Paul Baker is The Man That Men Can Talk Too
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Congratulations On Taking The First Step Towards Taking Control And Improving Your Life

How PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching is Different

Hi, I’m Paul Baker – the founder of the PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching services.

As a professional counsellor, I specialise in working with the unique issues and needs of men. I started Men’s Counselling services to provide therapy specifically to support males in their attempts to work through some of life’s toughest issues. I am motivated to help men create the kinds of lives that they really want for themselves and for their families. I have helped hundreds of men step up and change their lives and I look forward to doing the same for you.

I know how tough it is to open up and talk about personal matters with other people– including partners, wives, friends, and family. I understand the pressure you are under, how it can feel as though you are struggling in silence, and how you become closed off to others, including the women in your life. I also recognize that a lot of us do not have the skills and resources needed to support ourselves, but that they can be taught clearly and effectively to use in any situation.

“I aim to help men find their voice and to talk about their feelings and issues, man-to-man, without the fear of judgement. I am here to listen and to help you understand how to get through the tough parts of life and help your relationships improve.”
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Areas Men’s Counselling Services Can Help

Self Esteem

Improve low self-esteem, lack of confidence and feel more secure

Communication Skills

Develop better communication skills and have better relationships as a result

Emotional Awareness

Increase your awareness about your emotions, and apply them for better mental health

Behaviour Concerns

Create more self-affirming behaviours, and stop self-sabotaging behaviors that undermine your own efforts

Negative Emotions

Calm your mind, and think more positive thoughts. Hush your self-critic – that negative voice in your head doubting you in your every move

Feelings & Thoughts
Resolve feelings of toxic shame, guilt and anger that hold you back

Rest Assured That You’re Not Alone in What You’re Dealing With.

Despite continually moving forward, there are still some expectations for men not to be seen as “weak,” to hide emotions or be “warriors,” and shun vulnerability. It’s a premium to have connective, authentic experiences with others because we’re constantly hiding behind our “games” and personality armour. Counselling can help you overcome the negative cultural expectations of what it means to be a man and can help you build the meaningful, connecting experiences that you really want to create.

Society and social norms are changing, but it still seems the expectations of men are staying the same. As a man, you should be learning critical skills like emotional intelligence, communication skills, and stress management to effectively build relationships. That’s where PBR Coaching can help. Together we can create a space where you can feel comfortable opening up. With the right support and feedback that you’re looking for, together we will find the right answers. As a skilled counsellor, Paul will challenge you; encourage you; and work with you to forge everyday solutions. Tackling personal development and relationship success, you’ll find yourself feeling empowered; happy; and above all, positive about your life again.

Sceptical About Seeing A Men’s Counsellor?

If you’re like a lot of men, you’ve probably never really entertained the idea of seeing a counsellor. Or perhaps you have some negative thoughts about it. It can be scary, trying something new. But the counselling we do is different. This is for you, and for your own growth – not something someone is making you do. Our kind of counselling is designed just for you as a man. We work with a range of men’s issues and would like to help you with your unique situation, too.

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Based on Brisbane’s northside, PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching has helped countless individuals and couples through turbulent periods and on to foster techniques that encourage lasting relationship health.

Together through therapy, we can help you develop the right tools to reduce conflict, open up to each other, and get back to being happy again.

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