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Hi  there and welcome to my first ever blog post. I dedicate this relationship counselling blog to give away relationship advice. I have to confess this is as scary as hell. I have discovered that you can get yourself tied in knots wondering how to write, construct, edit and upload blogs. That’s not to mention the wealth of knowledge, expertise and advice floating out there in internet land, especially about relationship coaching and advice.

Everything from your target audience to SEO and SEM, from key words to Google Analytics has to be taken into consideration. What are you going to say, how are you going to say it and who’s listening.

For me the biggest question I needed to ask was “Why am I doing this, relationship coaching”? “Why write a blog”? If you haven’t already figured it out, I am actually writing this first blog to myself. I need to calm my nerves. Naturally for any blog to be successful it needs an audience and a message. The right message should bring the audience. Having a rant about anything and everything is going to get old real quick.

Lifesupportsfoto-150x150I am attempting to avoid that even though this particular blog post might appear to fall into the category of rant of the highest order. Please stick with me. At least for this post.

If you are a thinking person then you probably don’t want to be wasting your time any more than I want to be responsible for wasting it. But I have a message. In fact there are lots of people out there and around the world that have the same message, or at least its in the same vain. The difference is my perspective. My worldview and apparently that goes for anyone who is serious about getting their voice heard.

This blog is all about you and how I can help you improve your relationship with my advice…

So I want those of you reading this post to know that this blog is not about me, yes its my perspective but it is ultimately about you, particularly if you are a man, or a woman and in an intimate ‘committed’ relationship. Relationship advice is what this blog all about.

Admittedly I am coming at this thing from a male perspective, with good experience giving relationship advice. I mean seriously, how else can I approach it? At the risk of making this my last ever blog post because of the damn length I think I need to tell you how I got here and why I think what I have to say is important and hopefully helpful to you.

I have always been fascinated by the interactions between people, the relationships, the communication styles and love to name just a couple of reasons. I have been a qualified counsellor for around 7 years now and I also hold a BA in Behavioural Science. Sounds flashy but really it boils down to having a degree in psychology.

That said, my first, and as it turns out, most rewarding placement has been with an organisation in Brisbane North area that deals specifically with men and their issues. I have had the privilege of taking men through anger management classes and courses on countless occasions. I cannot count the amount of times I have had to deal with relationship breakdowns and marriage counselling and divorce.

Now that is where my message is coming from. Not the organisation but my years of sitting in front of men and listening to their stories. I feel I am qualified to talk about it. I have earned the right.

You might be mistaken for thinking that men are pretty simple creatures but nothing could be further from the truth. We are damn complicated and we live complicated internal lives. That’s the long and short of it. Enough said! In this blog anyway.

Follow my counselling journey…

I invite you to stick around because I am going to attempt to show men out there why they do the things they do and help woman understand what is going on inside the head of the men they love. I will do my damnedest to help you make sense of your marriage or relationship and and provide you with the tools and relationship counselling and advice to make it awesome and even truly amazing, if it is already great. Being in a ‘committed’ relationship requires a lot of work but more often than not many of us race headlong into this new and exciting relationship without taking the time to not only discover the other person’s perspective but also establish the ground rules, or what I call “Create Expectations”.

Relationships bring out the best in us and the worst in us. Who is not going to agree that?! In my experience with giving relationship counselling services and advice, its what you do with the ‘ugly’ that determines how and if your relationship survives. Think of it like this: The ‘best’ parts should create the foundation and this will determine the soundness of the building. The structure is the dream/ideal relationship you want but can only be as beautiful and rewarding as the quality of the tools used to build it. Having the right tools and knowledge can mean the difference between a shack and a mansion.

But friends I must confess, and I think that it is appropriate to tell you here.

‘If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything’

Malcolm X

stand for marriage.

Please stick around and discover why I think that. The evidence is in and marriage presents the best case for the best outcome you could possibly hope for. Marriage is like the concrete in the foundation. It creates a solid base to work from and It ain’t going anywhere. I believe I have earned the right to say why this is true. And I have the stories to back that up.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Paul Baker Relationship Counselling Brisbane.


My next post is a little tongue-in-check but I am trying to get a point across to as many men as possible.

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