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Get effective relationship counselling from the safety and privacy of your own home with video counselling

Video Counselling Services With Zoom

With recent requirements for social distancing, our clients don’t have to pause their therapy, but they can now transition into therapy sessions by video conference.

Benefits of video counselling:
  • it offers the opportunity to continue the important couples or individual counselling without experiencing any unnecessary breaks or delays.
  • offers an effective and safe alternative to the question of maintaining social distancing  in the face of the growing pandemic of the Covert-19
  • it offers convenience, saves time and it’s as easy as sitting in a comfortable chair at home
Video counselling is also flexible for couples who:
  • are physically separated by intention or circumstance
  • can’t travel due to physical health issues
  • live in rural or remote areas
  • work overseas with no local couples therapy resources
  • have family situations where video counselling is the most suitable option.
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Meet Paul Baker – Your Professional Zoom Counsellor and Relationship Coach

You can do therapy from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world without leaving home. Give it a try. You don’t have to know in advance whether it’s for you. If it works well, it could be a flexible, convenient and time-saving way to continue the important work of your personal and relational development.

Is Online Counselling Effective?

Research studies indicate that video counselling can be as effective as face-to-face therapy.

How Does It Work?

By far the most reliable and dependable secure video platform is Zoom. Just prior to your session you will receive an email link that takes you to the platform. Click on that and the rest is taken care of.

If you’re generally comfortable with communicating through a screen (e.g. Skype, FaceTime), you’ll most likely be comfortable moving to video counselling. Most clients seem to find video counselling easier than they imagined.

On occasion, you might experience some technical issues which are to be expected. But there are always very simple ways to overcome these if they occur at all.

How should I prepare for my session?

  • Do a test of the software beforehand for your own peace of mind and to be sure it will work, and verify that you have my contact information.
  • Find a place in your home where you’ll have as much privacy as possible.
  • Consider using earphones for privacy and also better sound quality.
  • Make sure you’re sitting somewhere you’ll be comfortable for the length of your session.
  • Have your screen on a stable surface.
  • Be sure to close email and turn off notifications that could be distracting and dilute the experience for you. You’ll want to have your full attention focused on your session.
  • Close programs that could slow down your computer’s processing ability and interfere with the quality of the video.
  • Be sure to have a darker background such as curtains or shades. Backlight puts you in a dark light which means you are unable to be seen.
  • Consider having individual laptops. This way you can see the counsellor and your partner on the screen.
  • Keep a distance of approx. 800cm -1 metre from the screen for better visibility.
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Brisbane Counselling and Relationship
Coaching Services

Men’s Counselling

There is no need for men to go it alone. Being able to unpack your feelings and experiences can help you build more meaningful experiences and connections.

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Women’s Counselling

I am committed to providing a service which supports the psychological and emotional well-being of women in and out of their relationships.

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Relationship Coaching

The relationship coaching approach at PBR coaching is based on years of solid research carried out in the field of marriage and relationships by the John Gottman Institute.

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Depression & Anxiety

If you’ve been feeling a bit numb or disconnected, and a low mood has clouded your sense of self, purpose and joy in life, it’s important to find a different way forward.
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Addiction Counselling

We all want to lead happy, productive and prosocial lives, effectively managing alcohol and drug use is key to achieving that goal.

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Anger Management

Anger management counselling can help you take control of your anger, and live a fulfilling, balanced life.

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Based on Brisbane’s northside, PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching has helped countless individuals and couples through turbulent periods and on to foster techniques that encourage lasting relationship health.

Together through therapy, we can help you develop the right tools to reduce conflict, open up to each other, and get back to being happy again.

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