It’s good to talk. Many who’ve gone through counselling agree it’s the most important medicine to help address an emotional, relational, or mental health issues.

The number of us needing support to deal with these issues is on the rise in Australia and worldwide. That’s making counselling one of the most in-demand services in the country.

So, with demand appearing to outstrip supply, how do you find a counsellor who’s not only the right fit but also available in remote and rural areas? Find out why Zoom counselling or phone counselling could be the solutions as we examine their benefits.

Accessibility in Remote or Rural Areas
Australia has one of the lowest population densities of any country. With just 23 million people living in an expanse of over 7,6 million sq km, that translates to around 3 people per sq km.
When we talk about the rapid rise of “working remotely,” some people who live in rural areas might understandably say with a wry smile, “So what’s new? We’ve been doing it for centuries.”
Away from populated coastal areas, access to relationship counselling, marriage counselling and relationship coaching is substantially more limited than in major cities like Brisbane.

Finding the Right Counsellor
Being able to access relationship counselling or coaching from home, by phone or online, makes therapy more accessible for everyone. It opens the door to therapists who may not live in your geographical area.
For counselling to be effective, you need to work with a therapist who matches your needs. Zoom counselling and phone counselling make it far easier to make the most appropriate connection. It makes relationship counselling and coaching available regardless of where you have your base.

PBR Coaching has a wealth of experience in individual and couples coaching, specialising in individual counselling and relationship therapy.

We are passionate about helping you overcome your relationship struggles and helping your partnership to grow and mature. Our goal is to help you focus on what is needed to change in your relationship and setting your relationship back on the right track.

Access and Convenience Matters

Zoom counselling and phone counselling mitigate many of the issues that our busy and complex lives can throw our way when we’re trying to get help. Here’s how:

  • Removes the need to travel and the time it takes out of your schedule
  • Addresses the issue of distance for remote locations
  • Makes childcare during a counselling session far easier to manage
  • Reduces logistical difficulties for those with physical challenges
  • Makes therapy sessions accessible from the convenience and privacy of your home

In addition, the precious time usually spent on travel, allows us to gather our thoughts and work out what we’d like to achieve. They can be invaluable.

Zoom or phone counselling may also mean you can schedule sessions at times that may be more convenient for your work and lifestyle.

In The Privacy Of  Your Own Home
Embarking on a course of relationship counselling is a brave decision. It can typically mean talking and opening up about private and painful issues.

Zoom counselling and phone relationship counselling or relationship coaching from your home mean you can close the front door, turn off your smartphone and feel totally private. This allows you the opportunity to go into the session in a better frame of mind and in an environment that you feel comfortable in.

Some people may even prefer to have their pets right by their side. Others say they feel less inhibited when talking on the phone or via video. They find it less difficult to talk more honestly and openly. This can lead to sessions achieving a deeper level of engagement more quickly.

How Remote Video and Phone Sessions Work
You may have caught up with friends regularly on video calls during the pandemic. These moments can feel so real that, on reflection, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish them from meetings we’ve subsequently had in the flesh.

The same rules apply to zoom counselling sessions. You’re going to need the following:

  • A reliable internet connection and preferably a set of headphones
  • A quiet location where you’re unlikely to be disturbed

If you prefer an outdoor location, that’s fine but it can sometimes mean the video connection is less stable. If we lose connection, we can agree on a call-back system to resume the session by phone if that feels like the most appropriate way forward.
Some people may prefer to turn their cameras off during a session. In effect, this turns the session into phone counselling. Clearly, it may have the disadvantage for the therapist of not being able to visually read someone’s body language but it still works well.

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Although PBR Counselling and Relationship Coaching have its base in Brisbane, we offer remote video and phone consultations too. Brisbane couples therapy and Brisbane counselling take on a whole new meaning because we can work together wherever you happen to be.
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